our story

THE SAFE SACK™ was born in the coronavirus pandemic. Two active shoppers had a vision: to provide safety, security, and serenity to people in an unreliable

and chaotic online delivery space by setting up the first tamper-evident, contamination-resistant packaging, working with platforms and services to build a safer delivery community. A concept to help the hospitality industry and grocery businesses thrive in the new age of safety expectations, and to empower business to nurture and grow your crises-struck customers in these tough times.


Working closely with industry thought leaders to redefine quality assurance controls in the delivery space, we at THE SAFE SACK™ empower you to stay ahead of your competitors by providing your customers the sure-fire safe packaging they actually want.


THE SAFE SACK™ features five different sizes of tamper-evident, contamination-resistant, eco-friendly, and COVID combatant packaging, with varying degrees of thickness and customizable options.


Ready to help, nurture, retain, and grow your customers in these tough times?

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Let’s join forces to develop further a community of thought leaders and early adopters of top-of-the-line contactless, tamper-evident providers and gain an edge over your competitors.


our vision

Creating and leading a global community of contactless, tamper-evident packaging providers in the food, health, retail, and human services industry.

Founded amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, THE SAFE SACK™ aims to serve the local and global communities delivery safety and peace of mind. Our environmental-friendly, contactless, and tamper-evident delivery system keeps the economic ball rolling in these tough times by securing your customers’ food, medicines, and grocery orders. As a diverse team of creative minds and thought leaders, we exist to protect your businesses and our communities now and in the post-pandemic world by revolutionizing flawed delivery processes.

our Mission


Troy Walker

FOunder & CEO

Founder/CEO and Inventor of the world’s first patent pending product that is future of food delivery, with a culinary transportation system that guarantees tamper-proof deliveries, ventilation flow, heat retention, and overall protection. Peace of mind from the kitchen to your table.

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