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Food Delivery

Has your restaurant business has suffered immensely in the coronavirus pandemic? We hear you! With social distancing as the primary precautionary measure to prevent COVID transmission, people have stopped going out in populated places.


Unfortunately, food establishments were the first industries to be closed due to COVID 19, resulting in a massive 81% decline in restaurant diners.

It is during this time that the demand for online food deliveries surged, and people began to order food from home. Existing weaknesses in the delivery chain have been magnified. Customers previously willing to overlook suspiciously meager or disheveled portions of food are now justifiably reticent to accept a diminished customer experience.


THE SAFE SACK™ ushers your establishment into the new world by filling the gaps of the current food delivery system. If you want to protect your customers, business, and profits simultaneously, THE SAFE SACK™ will:

Protect your customers' food deliveries in the most foolproof tamper-evident packaging

Stop delivery drivers from stealing your customer's food

Uplift your business's reputation in the customer's eyes.

Earn loyal customers that return, recommend and vouch for your services

Attract new customers by showing how their health and safety are your top priority in the COVID19 world

Food delivery packaging

Do you own Grocery Stores

or  Pharmacies?

When locked at home, you need groceries more than ever.


Where the food and hospitality industry lost their sales by a considerable margin, the COVID19 lockdown brought an additional 20% new consumers in the online shopping space, with the majority of online shoppers being 50+.

The Safe Sack aims to ease online grocery shopping for your customers by delivering fresh produce, household goods, and medications in the safest and securest delivery system.  


Still not sure why and how THE SAFE SACK™ can help your online grocery shoppers? Well, it can...


Ensure that the goods and medicines leaving your stores arrive as sent, every-time, to your customer's door..


Gain an edge over your competitors by showing your customers that their safety, security, and health comes first


Preserve each product in its original packaging


Assure your customers that your business is taking innovative approaches to remain environmentally conscious and to protect local communities


Win a staunch following of customers that recommend your businesses to their family and friends

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Fresh Produce




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Recommended Sizes

Food Delivery



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Are you ready to convert those unsatisfied shoppers into regular, cheerful customers?

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