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The problem


How can a restaurant ensure that their deliveries arrive at their destinations as intended? How can they assure their customers that every delivery is protected from both potential contamination and tampering?


29% of drivers admit to stealing food from orders they are delivering.*


54% of drivers admit to being tempted to taste the food from their orders.*


30% Estimated food

delivery increase in USA,

since Covid-19 lockdown.*

The solution

Introducing THE SAFE SACK™, the adhesive sealed, tamper-evident, hygienic packing solution for any hospitality delivery service. The tamper-evident seal ensures hygiene quality for food products and original packaging, whilst protecting from potential theft of food order.

Side View Sack.png


85% of US consumers stated that they wanted tamper-evident packaging when they order online food delivery. *


86% of global consumers say that safe packaging make them more likely to purchase a particular brand/product. *


83% of global consumers say that they are more likely to recommend a product/brand that comes with safe packaging to friends and family. *

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