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California’s New Rules Demand Venues Use Tamper-evident Packaging For Food Delivery

Among the 43% of businesses that have crippled during the COVID-19 outbreak, the restaurant/hospitality scene remains one of the most-affected industries. While some food businesses had to close temporarily during nationwide lockdowns, plenty of them are still on the verge of economic fallout from the COVID-19 outbreak.

This is where the need for food safety and customer fulfillment comes in. While venues might not be able to open their doors, they are still able to keep their kitchens open and provide food via delivery options. Over the last few years, restaurant business owners have suffered immensely at the hands of app-based food delivery companies. Time and again, delivery drivers have failed to ensure meal safety, leaving the eateries’ reputation at stake.

The vicious cycle continues as food delivery platforms take no responsibility for ensuring the safety and hygiene of food and the customers hold the restaurants accountable for not securing food, controlling its temperature, and not packaging it properly before sending out for delivery.

On Sep 24, 2020, the Los Angeles Times reported two laws from the California legislature requiring delivery companies to collaborate closely with restaurants before advertising their menus and assuring the safety and quality of ordered meals during delivery. The rules will be in effect from January, 20201. Both laws are aimed at facilitating and protecting customers who regularly face problems with food delivery services.'

Food safety is of paramount importance for both restaurant owners and customers. While the law compels delivery companies to maintain optimum temperature and hygiene of meals during transit, restaurants must play their part by ensuring that every meal is packed in ‘tamper-evident packaging’ before it goes into the hands of the delivery driver.

This is where a green, the economic, foolproof tamper-evident delivery system comes in. Born amid the COVID-19 pandemic, The Safe Sack exists to protect businesses and communities through their safe, low-cost, and eco-friendly packaging. While restaurants protect their customers by preparing food in a hygienic, temperature-controlled, and COVID combatant environment, The Safe Sack assures food safety from the kitchen to the customer’s doorstep.

One of the biggest health risks associated with faulty delivery systems is tampering with food and the ultimate exposure of the meals to an unhygienic environment. While the coronavirus doesn’t spread through foods, it can still retain and survive on food containers for days. With a tamper-evident delivery system, tampering with food containers and exposing its vulnerable contents to potentially hostile environments becomes impossible without it being evident to the customer upon arrival. The Safe Sack’s tamper-evident design uses an adhesive seal that keeps meals safely concealed and provides superior ventilation flow to prevent food from being overheated steam build-up.

When you deliver your meal in The Safe Sack, you can rest assured that your customers receive exactly what you offer. As a food business owner, do you want to provide guaranteed safety to your customers? Join hands with us to bring high-quality, tamper-evident packaging into your business and enjoy a staunch following of happily fulfilled customers!