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Contactless Delivery Systems

The COVID19 pandemic has changed the way people interact with others, behave in public, do groceries, and relish their favorite meals. Thanks to online shopping and app-based food delivery services, we can still do what we love all while still being safe and minimising exposure to ourselves and others in our current viral environment.

According to the USA today, an American tests positive for COVID at every 1.2 seconds while a death in the USA due to COVID related complications happens every 107 seconds.

So, what is that supposed to do for our everyday way of life? Do we always live in a shell or stay homebound until the coronavirus miraculously wipes off from the surface of the earth?

Unfortunately, even with recent advances in vaccination research, it seems the virus is here to stay, and learning to live your life while maintaining sensible health measures is the best step forward we can currently take.

Any public place that gathers a lot of people at once is a potential home to the virus and serves as the prime method of spreading throughout the population. While maintaining a safe distance of up to 6 meters, wearing a mask, limiting contact, and washing and sanitizing hands frequently can minimise the risk of transmission, shopping online and delivering food can be your savior in these tough times. It’s also great for the older and immuno-exposed Americans who are most vulnerable to picking up the virus and suffering the aftermath.

In fact, people have rushed to online shopping and app-based food deliveries in the pandemic. A recent survey by Good Eggs revealed that 68% of shoppers buy groceries online for home delivery during the pandemic.

Source: Google Trends

However, deliveries too can be a home to viruses if the content of a delivery package is exposed to the vulnerable viral environment during transit. Likewise, both the delivery drivers and the customer can transmit the virus to one another if either of them is infected with COVID19.

This is where a contactless delivery system can help. It’s an excellent initiative that limits close contact between a delivery driver and the customer. In a contactless delivery system, the person delivering the goods leaves everything at the doorstep of the customer and steps back at a distance of up to 6 feet from the customer who can then verify the delivery and all the receipts at a safe distance, thanks to transactions being done electronically.

Other ways to limit contact is to avoid sharing items that may carry the virus, such as pens, scanners, or any other tools. Likewise, delivery drivers must do their best to not touch surfaces that are frequently touched by others, such as door knobs, elevator buttons, handles, and countertops. The CDC also recommends drivers to use the forearm, foot, shoulder, elbow, or hip and not hands while opening doors at pick-ups and delivery sites.

Sounds weird, does it? It’s these small things that make contactless delivery systems the safest way to combat COVID19 transmission during delivery.

Another great way to maximize the effectiveness of contactless delivery systems is to use tamper-evident delivery packages.

A tamper evident or tamper proof delivery package ensures that each of your food and grocery delivery remains intact by protecting it from tampering. In the past, delivery drivers have been caught stealing food from customer’s orders. It’s not only nauseating, the idea of someone helping themselves to your meal, but also incredibly unhygienic, as a tampered delivery package is openly exposed to a potentially compromised external environment, let alone the driver’s hand which may transmit the virus.

Think of tamper-evident packaging as social distancing for your groceries, meals and their original packaging/containers! The fewer hands-on and exposure of your goods, the better!

The Safe Sack provides one such tamper-evident delivery system that aims to protect individuals and communities through its tamper-proof, and eco-friendly delivery packages. The packaging comes in a range of different sizes and thickness to accommodate daily use grocery items, medicines, and food orders, along with a range of customizable features. When used along with a contactless delivery system, The Safe Sack combats COVID and protects businesses, customers, and deliveries altogether.

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