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Frustrated With Food Delivery Services?

The coronavirus outbreak has changed our lives forever. With the US recording the highest number of cases worldwide, the Americans have been in lockdown for quite a while now.

Luckily, the lockdown is now being lifted, and the restrictions are easing across all states gradually. People can’t wait to go back to their normal lives, with just one difference:

Social distancing will be the norm in the new normal. Americans would still need to avoid close contact with each other to prevent the viral outbreak from surfacing again.

If you are a hardcore foodie who has been missing eating out throughout all this time, there is some good news for you:

All recreational places, including the restaurants, are reopening under strict guidelines.

However, if you aren’t excited about dining in and fear from the spread of the virus in crowded places, or just prefer eating peacefully at home, food delivery options are still there.

With 60% of Americans ordering food at least once a week, it is one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite foods while staying safe in the current pandemic.

However, the emergence of third party delivery services has brought forth several problems for the customers.

Are you too facing problems with food delivery services? Let us together solve those and enhance your home delivery experience!

Our analysis of a recent survey by US foods revealed some of the common problems faced by customers with food delivery services. We also reviewed the top queries and complaints from real customers posting on popular forums, including Reddit and Quora to address problems from the customer viewpoint better.

Acknowledging Your Problems

According to this survey conducted by US foods, about 17% of customers are consistently irritated for not receiving warm and fresh food, and 10% complain that their food gets spilled or messed up during delivery.

While the above findings are particularly food-related, a few simple measures can resolve these issues in a breeze. We will discuss how shortly.

If you have read our article on “Are Food Delivery Riders Stealing Your Food”, then you must be well aware of how critical this issue is and why we keep bringing the subject over time and again:

The same survey by US foods has unveiled that about 28% of delivery riders admit to eating food from their customers’ delivery package. In comparison, 54% agree that they get tempted by the smell of food they deliver.

On the other hand, about 21% of customers suspect that their deliverers eat from their food, and 85% of these customers want restaurants to use tamper-evident labels to resolve this issue.

Some customers have also complained about how the poor quality of their delivered package puts them off.

The Simple Solution

What if we told you there is a one-stop solution to all these problems you are facing with food delivery services?

No, we are not coming up with a marketing gimmick.

Or a sales pitch.

It’s a real solution to several real problems which you, as customers, face every day.

We have been facing the same problems which you are facing, and while finding solutions, The Safe Sack was born!

The Ultimate Food Delivery Solution

As the world’s toughest tamper-proof food delivery system, The Safe Sack is built to provide you with the finest dining experience at home.

Our top-of-the-line design construction solves the major majority of your food delivery problems in one go.


You get warm, fresh, and healthy food, from your favorite restaurants, right at your table.

Tamper-Proof Seal

What makes The Safe Sack a safe haven for your freshly ordered food is its toughest tamper-evident seal. The package includes a protective layer that is peeled off to reveal an adhesive strip underneath. When the restaurants prepare your food delivery in The Safe Sack, this adhesive strip serves as a tamper-proof seal. Once the bag reaches to you, all you have to do is to tear on the dotted line and reveal fresh, warm, and untampered food.

COVID-19 Combatant

Since the tamper-evident seal on The Safe Sack makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with your food contents, it stays securely sealed and protected from the viral transmission.

Spill-Resistant Design

The Safe Sack is not a mediocre delivery bag. Every single aspect of its design is engineered to protect your food. The bag’s wide top opening and narrow bottom keep your food from spilling during delivery.

Ventilation Flow Technology

An average customer is willing to wait for up to 40 minutes for their food delivery. That’s quite a lot of time for food to get overheated during transit. The Safe Sack solves this problem through small air vent sections within the package. Thus, the food you receive stays fresh at an optimum temperature.


Food deliveries offer a convenient means of feasting on your best-loved food from your favorite food chains. With the sudden demand surge for food delivery services in the current pandemic, customers are looking for the safest and most reliable options available.

The Safe Sack offers all and a lot more in its world-class tamper-proof food delivery system.

In The Safe Sack, your ordered food remains safe, fresh, spill-proof, and tamper-proofed.

The Safe Sack – Safety is that simple.

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