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TSS partners with Powder Springs Community Task Force to assist in their Cobb County Food Drive

Powder Springs Community Task Force, a charitable organization headquartered in Powder Springs, Georgia exists to empower families and build up communities. Time and again, the PSCT collaborates with civic groups, schools, and business leaders to foster a healthier community in Powder Springs.

Earlier this September, Powder Springs Community Task Force assisted in the Cobb County Food Drive in arranging donations for charity. When it comes to donating food, groceries, and medicines, keeping the content safely secured and tamper-proof is pivotal, especially during these COVID stricken times. This is where TheSafeSack came in to help protect vulnerable members of society.

The Food Drive involved picking up donations and making them accessible to those truly deserving. Food collected by national food and grocery manufacturers or food banks can be exposed to exterior contamination as it is repacked for distribution. While picking up donations requires consistent workflow and coordinated contribution from manufacturers, retailers, shippers, and packers, ensuring that the members of the community receive support and assistance safely is crucial. The Safe Sack was keen to find ways their innovative packaging could directly assist in the amazing outpour of support that Government and charity groups were providing to impacted communities. The chance to Partner with PSCT was one such opportunity, and with it, the ongoing support of hundreds of school children, their families, and at-risk members of the public are able to be safely delivered.

The Safe Sack exists to protect communities through their eco-friendly and tamper-evident delivery system. The delivery of food and grocery donations require transparent transactions as it directly serves members of society who have been particularly hard hit by, and are at increased risk of, the COVID pandemic. The Safe Sack believes the health and safety of all members of a community are equally important, and the demand for “Safe Packaging” becomes higher for the vulnerable and immunocompromised individuals and families.

Moving forward, The Safe Sack aims to redefine safety when it comes to deliveries of every kind, from food orders to health deliveries to government and NFP’s outreach campaigns. Whatever the delivery, The Safe Sack ensures it arrives as intended, safe, and ready for consumption.

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