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While Many Restaurants Struggle, Here’s How Yours Can Flourish

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard, and the food service industry is facing the worst outcomes.

Even though the nationwide lockdown is lifted in many parts of the US, people are still practicing social distancing and avoiding public places.

According to this report published on Statista on June 17, 2020, the number of seated diners in the restaurants has declined by 67% globally.

In our recently published post on The Safe Sack blog, we highlighted how the restaurant industry in the US has lost its sales by $25 billion. What’s more, up to 30,000 restaurants have been closed down permanently.

This colossal decline in sales is crashing the restaurant and hospitality industry, adding up to the national economic crisis.

Food Deliveries to the Rescue

Restaurants have been making a big chunk of their profits through dine-in services. Since the majority of the previously dine-in consumers are adhering to stringent social distancing measures, restaurateurs are now relying on food delivery platforms to keep their businesses running.

As per this report, about 60% of Americans order food once a week.

Furthermore, this consumer-based survey conducted in March 2020 revealed that 41.7% of Americans would prefer online food delivery in the current pandemic.

Since the coronavirus is here to say, the above figure is likely to increase by several folds.

If the restaurants want to keep their heads above water, it’s time to rely on food delivery services. However, there are ways by which you can stay ahead of your competitors and yet make additional profits. We’ll explain how shortly.

For now, let’s shed some light on the hidden costs of food delivery services, and what you can do about it.

The High Paying Cost of Food Delivery Services

Since the inception of third-party food delivery services, restaurants have suffered immensely at the hands of costly customer experience.

The bad news is:

These unprecedented times have left no options for restaurants to keep their businesses alive other than food delivery services and takeaways.

What further adds to the misery are the problems associated with food delivery services, including delivery drivers eating off from customers’ food during transit.

In fact, 30% of delivery drivers admit to eating food from their customer’s orders, thereby putting the restaurants’ reputation at stake.

Read our detailed post Are Food Delivery Drivers Eating Your Food?

This is where we at The Safe Sack come up with the good news:

Our world’s toughest tamper-proof food delivery system ensures the safety and integrity of your hygienically prepared food.

This survey run by the US foods revealed that 85% of customers said they want restaurants to use tamper-packaging to keep their package foolproof.

With customers willing to pay more in return of tamper-evident food packaging, restaurants can be rest assured of their customers receiving untampered, fresh food right how it left their kitchen and yet earn a significant gross profit on each delivery.

The Win-Win Situation

The Safe Sack presents a world-class tamper-proof food delivery system that enhances customer experience through a multitude of value propositions and enables restaurants to make additional gross profits.

Here’s how:

Since the customers are happily willing to pay extra for tamper-proof delivery services, the restaurants can increase gross profit by up to 20+% on each delivery package purchased from The Safe Sack.

That way, the restaurants will not only be able to make up for the investment made to purchase The Safe Sack; they will also be able to earn additional ROI instantly through gross profits.

We know what you are thinking now:

What if the delivery companies charge a percentage for each bag? Will The Safe Sack still bring in profits?

And the answer is yes! Even if the third-party delivery platform charges a commission of, let’s say, 20% on each bag, the restaurant will still increase its gross profits by 16+% per delivery.

Now multiply the figure with the number of food delivery orders you will receive each month for offering tampering-proof food delivery system to the customers, earning their trust, and building a life-time relationship – a guaranteed WIN-WIN situation!


The coronavirus is not going anywhere. The only way to keep your restaurant business growing is by revamping your business model and driving revenue off food delivery and takeaway services.

The Safe Sack is designed to offer the world’s toughest tamper-proof food delivery service by keeping your food safe, sound, and completely sealed.

Investing in the package might appear as an overhead cost when in actuality it will bring in a significant gross profit to your business.

Are you ready to bring your restaurant business back in the competition? Try The Safe Sack today and witness a massive rise in your sales within no time!

The Safe Sack – Safety is that simple.

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